Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Weekly Update

So this is the first in hopefully many updates for Ace & Joker. I will be doing these updates every Thursday, unless I'm extra busy. So without further ado, this is what we've been up to recently.

  • Ace's ACT3 bank has been fully recorded in OREMO, with higher and lower register as the new addition.
  • The ACT3 bank is 3/4 of the way to completion. Although I don't know when I'll get to completing it. I'm aiming for the 10th as the completion date.
  • I have recently download several UST's which I am planning to use and hopefully release very soon. Which include Don't Kill the Love Song and Six Trillion Years and One Night's Story.
  • Joker's ACT2 bank has been started. It will be fully re-recorded in OREMO and will hopefully be louder and a bit more coherent.
So that's it really. Some updates will be more interesting than others. If you have any song suggestions please feel free to tweet @IshokuneAce and I'll get back to you ASAP. As well as these updates, I will also be posting some handy tips for using UTAU-Synth.

Cheers, Flareon

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